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Body positivity and embracing your beautiful body no matter what it looks like has exploded on the internet in the last two years! Campaigns to ban airbrushing in beauty magazines, banning of the size zero trend, and banning ‘fat shaming’ have changed the way that the beauty industry promotes fashion, and alongside this is the emergence of body positive bloggers online. In tandem with this, bloggers are now using Instagram as a visual tool to support body positivity and their blogs online. Filling their accounts with beautiful, vibrant photographs of plus size and regular size men and ladies of all shapes and sizes, they promote an inclusive, loving community focused on wellness and positive mental health.

I thought we would take a look at six accounts which are promoting body positivity in an amazing way:

Lottie L’Amour – @lottielamour

Lottie is a beautiful and vibrant London based UK body positive blogger who runs a very successful blog called Lottie L’Amour. She is a multi-award-winning size fashion blogger and has featured in Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, ElleUK, People, and on and E4.

Her Instagram account is full of character and colour – Lottie’s self-love and confidence is infectious and she has gained a loyal fan base as a result of her open, down to earth nature. She recently began a hashtag campaign called #lovemychubclub which promotes self-love and self-acceptance no matter your size and she has a YouTube channel where she talks about loving your body and living your best life.

Troy Solomon – @abearnamedtroy

Body positive blogger Troy’s Instagram bio says, “more self-love, less f*%ks given . . . body positive, style enthusiast” and his account is the perfect place to go for positive, feel good, colourful joy!

Troy originally started on Instagram but has also started a YouTube account where he talks all about plus size fashion, styling, and interviews people about positivity and self-love. Troy breaks down all of the stereotypes of a plus size person and proves to us that size should never determine what you do in life or who you are.

One of his followers commented on a recent photo of his saying “Hey Troy, all the pics you post make me feel so much more beautiful and I am so thankful . . .”

Rachel Estapa of More to Love – @rachelestapa

Rachel Estapa is a body positive blogger and the founder of More to Love, a company which seeks to improve a person’s relationship with their body through her innovative approach to yoga and well-being. On her website Rachel states that she knows how negative thoughts about the body can become an everyday norm, but she works to help improve the relationship between body and self, promoting a body positive future.

She states, “Health and wellness are a personal matter but living life fully, no matter your size, is the key to overall wellness and happiness . . . Health and wellness are spectrums and the only body you’ve got to focus on is your own.” Her Instagram account promotes the peace and happiness that comes from wellness and self-love and it is a calming space to be inspired for your own body positivity.

Shameless Creature – @shamelesscreature

Natalie Johnson is a Sacramento based plus size fashion and body positive blogger who regularly breaks down barriers in the plus size world. She is a beautiful lady who shares vibrant, confident photographs of current fashions for plus size ladies and promotes self-love with your plus size body.

Natalie started her blog in 2016 to “help bring positive and beautiful vibes to the plus size community.” She combines posts about fashion and mental health seamlessly on her blog and ties it all together with lovely photography showcasing her beautiful figure and style. Natalie shares her own story in a heartfelt, natural way and gives advice and tips on how to combat anxiety and negativity in yourself.

Raw Alignment – @rawalignment

Alyse Brautigam is a raw vegan lifestyle and body positive blogger and YouTuber. She was born and raised in Connecticut but moved to Hawaii in 2014 where she established a successful business called Raw Alignment which promotes a healthy lifestyle, pursuing dreams, self-love, and living the best life you can.

She is a certified health coach but integrates her knowledge and advice with her approachable personality and down to earth, relatable stories.

Alyse believes in living your healthiest life, but ultimately being happy with yourself, loving yourself and visualising your life at its happiest and helping to manifest that happiness from within. Many of her followers refer to her as “the big sister I never had” and a read through the comment section of her Instagram account shows the number of people that she influences and helps to improve their relationship with their body and mind.

Natascha Cox – @natascha.cox

Natascha Cox is a body activist and body positive blogger, based in the UK whose amazing blog page opens on a picture of her looking fabulous in a one-piece swimsuit with the caption over the top stating “Be the real you #bodypositive”. Her blog features her opinions on current fashion and beauty trends as well as posts about lifestyle, travel and of course body positivity.

Natascha is a huge believer in body positivity and as such she works very closely with the charity GirlsOutLoud which is a charity focusing on teen confidence. The charity’s mission is “to empower and inspire teenage girls in the UK and beyond to have confidence, self-belief, emotional resilience and a positive self-image which, in turn, supports them to think big, embrace risk and reach for the stars.” As an ambassador for the charity Natascha works to promote their work and uses her blog and Instagram page to reach and encourage her followers in body positivity and wellbeing.

Gracie Francesca – @gracefvictory

Grace F is one of the UK’s biggest body positive bloggers. Open about her difficult relationship with her own body and mental health, she is a driving force in promoting self-love, body positivity, and living life to the fullest. She has written blog posts such as “How to better your relationship with your body”, “What I believe will make me happy”, and “Rediscovering my body after trauma.”

Grace is recovering from an eating disorder and PTSD and shares her experiences in healing her mind and body. This has led to a vast network of loyal followers, both on her blog and on her YouTube channel where she talks openly about mental health, self-love, body positivity and many other wide-ranging topics.

Grace also began a separate Instagram account called @healgrowglow which is an account which encourages others to grow from their trauma, to discuss it with others in a safe place, and to “enter their GLOW.”

[all quotes featured in this article are taken from the websites of the relevant bloggers]

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