Best online stores for cheap plus size clothing


Looking for cheap plus size clothing?

I don’t know what it is about the plus size industry – but it seems to be more expensive than smaller sized clothing. I’m a size 16 myself, so luckily I can hop between high street brands, and plus size brands – which I’m always pretty thankful for. I know that doesn’t apply to everyone though – so I wanted to create a list of places you can find cheap plus size clothing online.

Forever 21 

These guys are fab for affordable everyday basics, and cute day to day wear. They certainly sell cheap plus size clothing – with most items coming in at less than £15. Here are a few of my favourite dresses they have on sale at the moment…

cheap plus size clothing


Is you need some cheap plus size clothing because you’re looking to give yourself a wardrobe overhaul… then BooHoo is a great place to start. They have all sorts from casual jumpers and jersey dresses, to more dressy items and going-out pieces. Most items are under £25.

cheap plus size clothing

Everything £5 

This little online shop have loads of items (and they update quite regularly) and everything is £5. It can be a bit hit and miss – some of the stuff looks very outdated – but occasionally you’ll find some real gems on there. Here are a few pieces I like, that are online at the moment…

cheap plus size clothing tips


One girls trash is another’s treasure… and there are some amazing things on eBay if you know how to look. I’ve found some lovely pieces on eBay, and if you filter by size (or brand) then you can stumble across these little gems much more easily.

Lady V London

The full priced items on this website can be pretty expensive (we’re talking £30+) but if you can grab a bargain in their sale / reduced section, you might some really cheap plus size clothing for a steal. Here are a few of their currently reduced items…

cheap plus size clothing

Lindy Bop 

If you love vintage style, then you’re going to love Lindy Bop. Their full priced clothing is really affordable anyway (about £30 for a dress) – but the real bargains come when you check out their reduced section. Quite often they will have dresses on sale for as little as £15 – which is a steal!


This is basically the online outlet store for ASOS, where they sell off old stock for up to 70% off. I have found some amazingly cheap plus size clothing here, and if you catch the website as the fashion season changes, you’ll get first pick of all the reduced clothing available. Prices range greatly, but most items have a considerable discount attached to them, which means the prices are generally quite low (below £30).

cheap plus size clothingPink Clove 

The style of Pink Clove is a little like BooHoo, and the quality of the pieces are similar too. They won’t last you years, but they’ll provide you with lots of wears, and they look great. Most pieces are below £15 in price.

cheap plussize clothing

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